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GMReals Group specializes in the creation of customizable management software to meet the needs of small, medium and large companies. With the help of these specific and customizable solutions for different sectors, clients can count on products and services that are perfectly in line with their various business needs.   With our digital and cloud solutions, in the company and in the studio, everything becomes easier. Thanks to their intuitive interfaces and ease of use, they can be used to manage accounting, warehouses, invoices, orders customers with maximum flexibility and accuracy. The versatility and modularity which distinguish our management system allow you to further enhance its functionality and to depend on a company management system perfectly in line with your needs.  
Our management systems provide for the production, sending and receiving of electronic documentation and their respective receipts from the SDI and allow an exchange of accounting documents between the accountant and customers, guaranteeing an exchange of information in real time from any device connected to the internet (computer, tablet, smartphone) thanks to the cloud.  
Why choose us?
Our management software is distinguished by its modularity, which allows you to develop and implement solutions designed for the specific needs of users. The management software is developed to take advantage of cloud technology to ensure communication between users in real time and in total security. The system allows you to optimize your time by allowing the improvement of process efficiency and a significant reduction in costs by digitizing the documentation. We create specific and customizable software solutions for various product sectors, in particular for:    
Bars and restaurants    
Small businesses and craftsmen    
Large retailers  
Clothing and fashion